Still missing a manual "mark as read" feature


I believe I have a setup now that allows for no new topics or post to be marked as read by Discourse. That is good, as I want to see all new items over here.
However, the issue that arises is the inability for me as a user to instantly mark topics and individual posts as “read”. @sam would it be possible to consider a “dismiss” button; or an other means to mark a complete topic as “read”.


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Agreed. That and the ability to mute general topics that don’t apply to me are the only two things I’m really missing here that would REALLY speed up my daily overview of this forum.


Our plan is to add a “mode” to the lists where you can act on a group of topics in certain ways (track a bunch of topics, untrack a bunch of topics, watch a bunch of topics, mute a bunch of topics … etc)

For this particular case it seems like you are trying to change a pile of topics to “Regular” and they are currently set to “Tracking”. I think it is a totally reasonable thing and we will get around to the “batch” interface.


Good news!

You can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab:

Note that this changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you won’t see new post counts on any those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

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