Latest builds - tracking of read topics has gotten worse again

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I am consistently getting indications that I have new unread topics - in both the top of the page header as well as the bottom of the page notification - when in reality I have read all. This has been happening for awhile now, but the last couple of builds are much worse.


Me too. That functionality is just broken beyond repair apparently.

I see that on my mobile phone all the time. A reboot helps. But I’ve never seen it in my Chrome browser.

I used to have this, but seems to be working properly now for me, also using chrome

This is not working for me either on FF nor my iPad…

…click on “New”

I have that all the time, no matter what the platform. Chrome, Firefox, Safari on iOS, Mac OS X or Windows.

This, together with the “Mark all as read” button that seems to make a whole lot of sense but has not been implemented despite numerous requests, is my main gripe with Discourse.

But, let’s not forget where we came from:

Compared to the web interface of the NNTP newsgroup, Discourse feels like a maglev train compared to a horse-drawn carriage :smile:

@menno I am going to work through these inconsistencies next week. There are a couple of big gaps I need to resolve.

  1. more intelligent clearing of these numbers as you read stuff
  2. bypass server round trip and just assume stuff is read once we send it to the server to avoid issues when clicking fast

Regarding “mark all as read” my big question is why?

  • Would you like mark all as read cause you are somehow tracking something you are no longer interested in?
  • Would you like mark all read to temporarily stop seeing notification on topics you still wish to track? If so why would you like to keep tracking them?

@sam thanks for looking into this, I appreciate it! The “mark all as read” button should apply, in my opninion, on “New” articles. The only way to get them to disappear from the New list is to click them one by one. At least 75% I don’t need to click after I read the title.

So, the use case would be as follows:

The user has a list of 20 new articles. Three of these sound interesting and the user reads them by opening them. They disappear from the New list. By clicking the Mark all as read button, the 17 remaining articles also disappear from the New list. The user has an empty New list.

I suggest you change the definition of new in your user preferences as well.

I guess I shouldn’t have spoken…
Now I am getting false New topics all the time in Chrome. So looking forward to an updated version :wink:

Funny thing - the “new” is always wrong, and it almost always says (8)… This sounds like a programming error to me…


I now always have 2…

See if it’s better now, @sam is doing more work on improving this.

We are also planning to have a “Dismiss New” button on the new page, and a “Dismiss Read” button on the unread page that sets all the visible topics notification state back to regular.

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That is awesome. I’m looking forward to the Dismiss buttons already :smile:

You can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab:

Note that Dismiss Read changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you won’t see new post counts on any those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

Dismiss New is a slightly different feature, coming next week, similar behavior though.

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