"Mark read" not that reliable

I’m finding that I often have to go back to a topic with a new post twice before it gets decided that it is “read” - that is to say my “unread” tally goes down by one… Anyone else seeing this?


I am not seeing this, neither on Firefox nor iPhone (which I am posting from now).

It is indeed a ridiculous assumption that when some text has displayed on my screen, I have read it.
Discourse mistakes “rendering text on a screen” with "reading"
I want a switch I can set myself to decide what i read and what not, there is no intelligent way to determine this for me.

@discourse: The “Unread” label is actually only telling me there are posts not yet rendered on my screen; the label “Unread” suggest I have read all other posts and topic, which in fact in misleading and untrue; when I scroll down a topic to have a quick glance at the outcome of the current discussion, it does not mean I read all the above.
I’d love to have a feature to disable automatic “reading” and instead I can click the bookmark icon myself or set a complete topic to “read” all at once.

@sam Hi Sam I see you are active here at McNeels Discourse. If you don’t mind I’ll be adding you to post related to Discourse and it’s workings


Hi Willem- one thing that I just noticed is that the number of Unread indicated only pays attention to topics that you are ‘tracking’, and this is something you set, to a degree, in your own user preferences. The default seems to be to ‘track’ topics that you’ve spent 4 minutes with- only those contribute to the ‘unread’ tally when a new post is added. You can set this to always track but this overall forum is likely to be busy enough that this is not useful unless you can also filter by category- maybe you can, I’m still fussing with the settings.


Yeah, that looks like (partially) it, I am finding topics I haven’t read even though my unread says 0… Something needs to be tweaked there.

Still unreliable here, I am getting unread topics that I have already read - there also seems to be some latency problem. It should mark read as soon as I hit the topic, with the settings below, no?

The “unread” link at the bottom does not count the topic I’m reading until I exit it. Thus if I am reading the last unread message, it still says “1” , but if I click on the link, it exits the topic, but then says I have no unread messages.

Mitch you should ask how to change the color of something…

You’ll get lots of help for that.

Ask how your supposed to keep track of what is read and what is not read and
all you’ hear are the sound of silence.

I’m running with the settings like Mitch has set, and I agree that there’s some inconsistency about what shows read and what doesn’t. I think there might be a time threshold where you have to actually view the message for X number of seconds before Discourse registers that you’ve read it. Is that true, @sam?

Yes there is a 3 second buffer, which always trips me on super quick glances.

The question that is not being addressed is how is one supposed to tell what has been read and what has not.

The software does not do a very good job of reliably tracking what is read or not read.

I reread topics the software says are read and find messages I haven’t read and I go to topics that are marked as not read and I can’t find messages I haven’t read. What can I do to address that problem?

Do you have “automatically track topics” set to always?

no, Should I set it to always?

I’m not really interested in tracking every topic.

Our design only notifies you on topics your are tracking (you can either set this automatically or manually choose the tracking option at the bottom of a topic), by default you will have to wait 4 minutes before a topic is tracked. I have an open proposal for increasing fidelity, but it will take a bit to get to.


I have

My complaint is about messages that are being tracked (i. e. supposed to be tracked).

I can go back through tracked topics and find messages that I haven’t read even though I thought I was following the discussion fairly close.

Also I see messages that I am not tracking that say they have unread messages and others that are marked as read - that doesn’t make sense.

I expect there will be lots of what you call “interest segregation” within a topic like “Rhino for Windows”. Nobody uses all of Rhino’s features. Participants are going to be interested in discussing and reading about the features they use and (mostly) ignoring the features they don’t use.

There are two completely opposite issues being reported here.

@Helvetosaur says he is reading things that are not getting marked as read

@jim says things are getting marked read that he has not read

Can anyone provide detailed repro steps, perhaps on our sandbox at http://try.discourse.org?

Good grief. You are responding to a message that is more than 8 months old.

I can’t answer your question because it has been many months since I logged in to read this forum. The tools that have been provided for logged in users are IMO worse than useless. What the programmers have provided for logged in users is a maze and apparently they expect the user is going to be willing to stumble around in their maze. That is not something I have any interest in doing. I find the whole thing to be counter productive to my goal of simply finding and reading messages that are of interest to me.

I read this forum not logged in. I find that without all the distractions I can find and read messages that are of interest to me with a lot less time and effort when not logged in. I only log in to reply and then log out again.

Sorry, just trying to help.

Note that every topic you reply to will be automatically tracked, since we assume that topics you reply to are interesting to you.

I really don’t care what gets tracked or not. I have email notification turned off. As far as I can tell the entire tracking system is worse then useless. It does more to hinder than to help the ability to find and read messages that are of interest to me. Thus I read the forum not logged in and avoid all the clutter and distraction that comes with the tracking system.

As far as I can see suggestions for alternative methods of navigation of the forum while logged have been rejected by the programmers.

No, what’s happening is that I am getting false “new” reports… This happens constantly, it’s not just occasionally.

Short video


And here’s another one on start up this morning…