Still in desperate need of a manual read/unread switch

I find it more and more cumbersome to efficiently visit discourse. Now that more activity starts to arises the amount of new topics and unread posts are not possible to manage efficiently

Let me explain:
I like to be aware of all new posts, regardless of anything.
Many of them I will briefly glance at and discard as “not for me”
(That is related to if a topic has ended / is solved or if the topic is beyond my interests or whatever).

With the way Discourse is currently setup, I have to open each and every new topic and unread post to let Discourse mark it as “read”. Apparently there is a minimum amount of time or handling one needs to do to mark them as read, for else they will pop-up as unread over and over again.

I wonder how others handle this for instance @Pascal or @Helvetosaur who I suppose need/want to be aware of each new activity yet also need a way to quickly mark whole conversations as “read”.

I suppose I should ask for @sam to chime in and relay what makes Discourse mark posts as “read”. Is it time- or specific handling related? And can you tell if a manual “Read/Unread” switch is in the making?

I finally found the topic I made earlier in this issue:

Including a suggested GUI for the ‘frontpage’



Well, I have been meaning to post a rant here for awhile now, but I just kept letting it go thinking well, it’s only been a couple of months now, maybe they’ll fix is sometime soon… But…

Yes, I still have to click through ALL the freaking posts even those I’m not particularly interested in just to clear my board so that it’s obvious when new stuff comes in. :rage: :rage: :rage: Worst is when you get 15 new “News” items overnight.

And yes, there is a serious bug (has gotten even worse lately) that read posts are not marked as such; I can sometimes cycle through them several times. there is a certain sequence of event s to trigger this and it involves going through the box at the bottom which shows unread and new items. My settings are set to mark read immediately as soon as I have hit the last post in the thread.



This needs to be dealt with ASAP please

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Yes !!!


Yeah, and I’ve noticed that threads I have checked in on don’t necessarily get followed. There’s a basic problem with this system that I guess for the sake of the “elegance” of not having a “mark read” button or something, is trying way too hard to be “clever.” Is there something on the order of a Google datacenter powering the logic behind this thing? No. So stop trying to be smart and just us some stupid buttons that work.

So far, I still just complain…


I’m not saying the system is perfect :o)
For example,

I wouldn’t know for sure because I don’t check. If the system doesn’t tell me there is any action on a topic, I will never know if the system is wrong… I don’t go through the list to see if I’m missing something.

Also, I get topics in my ‘to do’ list with a gray number indicating ‘old unread’ replies in a topic but I am sure that I have read all of those.

And I’m still behind my wish to have a global filter to be able to filter out anything from certain categories.


Isn’t there?
Well, not a button, but a drop-down link. If you know that you do not want to hear anything about a certain thread, doesn’t ‘Muted’ do what you want? I understand that to set this, you first have to read the thread and scroll down to the bottom but how do you determine that you want to mute a topic? Surely not from the title alone?

Yes, that also steals about 7 - 8 minutes from my time (especially considering that the same information is accessible from the splash screen of Rhino) but has that happened more than that one time? (maybe I’m lucky 'coz my memory is fading rapidly :slight_smile:

Hi Wim,

I’d hardly ever have to mute topics if there was one button to just mark all topics read. And of course I determine whether I want to do anything with a topic by title alone, it’s been ages since I’ve tried to read everything. I actually had Outlook set to mark the newsgroup as all read on exit. If new posts keep popping up in something I haven’t read, then I know there might be interesting discussion going on.

To whom does one complain? Brian Gillespie.?
Ha Ha Ha. He only shows up when something needs to be destroyed.

I generally view Discourse not logged in.
My browser does a better job of keeping track which messages I have visited and which links have not visited than the goofy system provided by the clowns that wrote Discourse.

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The guys that write discourse @discourse, @sam, @supermathie, @zogstrip are the guys to ask requests for new features to. You can do that either here or at

I upgrade our server when the discourse team rolls a new version number. It has been a couple weeks since the latest version number has rolled and I’ve seen a ton of code changes happen over the last two weeks. Hopefully there will be a new version number soon so we can play with the latest tweaks to discourse.

So now I know exactly what causes this - there is a built-in minimum delay of around 5 seconds for a thread to be marked as read after you get to the end of it. I have tested this on 3 computers in different locations, as well as an iPad and an iPhone, and the wait is the same, therefore I have to believe that this wait time has been programmed in specifically. What happens is one scrolls to the bottom of a thread and doesn’t wait the required 5 seconds to have it read before going on the the next one. The thread doesn’t get marked read and reappears in the unread list.

This wait time needs to be reduced down to about 0.5 seconds for it to be useful for me.


@Sam I have to add in addition to Mitch’s request to reduce the auto-read waiting time from 5 seconds to 0.5 seconds that there still be a way to manually switch a topic/post as read/unread.

I understand that automatic marking as read is a useful feature fro many, but it cripples the effective management of the flow of new posts. in my case.

The ideal scenario for me would be to have auto-read set to a custom time.
That way I can login, and get an overview of all new activity after my last visit. I browse all new topics and unreads and they get marked read as soon as I have them on-screen.
Yet there are always those posts that I want to revisit; those that I want to read at a later time or I need to reply to when at my desk or after some thinking. Those I want to mark as Unread that way they re-appear on my list of new/unread next time I visit and they can be dealt with then.

I know there is a feature to bookmark replies and topics, yet that is IMO another type of marking; it is a way to save indefinitely a topic or reply for reference, to revisit often and keep at hand. if I were to use bookmarking for Unread/Unfinished items this distinction would be lost and besides, Bookmarks do not show on the front page alongside other Unread/unfinished recent items.

I hope I made my point clear as it may be a little convoluted.


This behavior has been quite buggy in the past, earlier last week I fixed it so read marking is MUCH more consistent, it bypasses the 5 second requirement in some cases.

I feel we should discuss this on the main meta, personally I also find the bookmark feature very cumbersome to use cause it is so “far away” from my main area of interaction. Care to raise some of this at

I haven’t noticed any difference since yesterday when Steve uploaded the latest version to the server. Still getting the 5 second delay.

What does “in some cases” mean?


I wasn’t going to complain about the behavior on my windows phone anymore but I guess I should just mention that the latest version now makes it impossible to even read the discourse.

So, yes, I do notice the changes.

Topics now consistently refuse to get read and the same 5 topics constantly float to the top of the suggested reading box. When I access the forum from Chrome on my PC, the topics show unread but they all hop to the last message and render that one yellow - indicating that the system understands that everything has been read but ignores that fact…

Hi Sam,

Thanks, just dropped this at the Discourse Feature:


Hi Pascal,

Care to shed your light in the issue here:


The main case we catch now is if you quickly navigate away from a page we force a flush of your read state.

Windows phone is a tough one for us, none of us own a windows phone it makes it very tricky to test. We did upgrade our JS framework which may have causes a regression there.

Is any of the awkward behavior there when you are only using chrome?

The version number was rolled late last week, so Sam’s changes may not have been included in (our current version)