How can I mark all topics as "read"?

There are topics that I won’t be interested in reading. Is there a way to mark “all read” so that those topics don’t appear as unread?



Does the ‘muted’ option in the drop down list at the end of a topic do what you want? It says it will prevent further activity from being seen in your unread filter… haven’t tried it yet myself.

I’ve been finding myself wanting the same feature. @sam is there a way to “mark all topics as read” without having to visit each topic?

I have the opposite problem. When I click on the "unread " button at the top of the page it says that I have no unread topics. That is not even close to true.

I’m not entirely sure, but this may be based on the fact that you just recently created an account. When I created an account over at there were already thousands of topics created and I only saw “new” posts when new ones showed up after I created my account.

jim, as far as I can see, the ‘unread’ only applies to topics which are being tracked, and topics only get tracked if you have looked at them for Xx amount of time, as set in your user preferences. You can set this to always track every topic- I am not sure how useful that will be until there is some way to filter categories as well…


I can’t find that option. Can you be a little more specific as to it’s location?



I have it in this drop down…

Okay, thanks. I see it now. It’s not really what I was talking about, however. I’m looking for a way to wipe the whole thing clean so it looks like I’ve read all the posts. I dunno, maybe I’m just thinking “NGese” here, but it seems like it would be easier to track what’s new, and what’s relevant to me personally, if I could kill those indicators of unread topics.


Dan: I looked into this. It seems the developers are against this idea, and the default is for “new” topics that aren’t touched for 48 hours to just drop off that list of unread items. But I totally agree with you: there are topics I have zero interest in following just by the subject line alone. I’d LOVE to be able to just dismiss a topic (“IGNORE”) right there in the list of subjects.

I think having topics automatically drop off after 48 hours is a horrible idea. What if I’m on vacation for a week and I don’t access this forum (because, realistically, that’s what vacations are for!!). I will come back to work and miss a lot of new topics, some of which, are probably going to be very important to me.


Oh, let me clarify: they don’t disappear entirely. You can still view a list of all topics. They just aren’t listed in your unread list.

Okay, that makes more sense.

Thanks Heath,


I find the concept of read/unread in this forum to be rather useless. All it means is the message was on screen. If I scan through a topic and read one or two messages to see if there is anything being discussed that I might be interested in doesn’t it all get counted as read?

I hear what you’re saying. But I see a list of topics that are new, and I don’t want to open each one temporarily to remove those from my list. I’d rather just tick off the ones I don’t want to look at in that one place (my new or unread list), and not see them in the list again. As it is, those will remain in that list unless I open the topic. So, for now, to tick this off the list, I open and than hit my back button quickly. It’s fairly fast, but not as efficient as it could be.

There’s a setting for this already. Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Preferences. Scroll to the bottom, and select “Consider topics new when” “they were posted when I was here last”.

That way you’ll never miss a topic.

Thanks Brian. I’m really liking this new forum.