WISH: manual read/unread switch

(Willem Derks) #1

I’m either missing something, or it is indeed not possible to know what posts I have actually read.
Currently when I scroll in a topic, all replies that pass by are marked as read; even If they have appeared briefly on my screen. Am I alone is thinking this is “not at all that useful”?


(Brian Gillespie) #2

I have been using the bookmark icon to get back to posts I care about. If I open a topic and Discourse marks the conversation read, I bookmark where I want to come back to. It isn’t the same, but it seems adequate for my needs.

(Willem Derks) #3

I’ll see what that does for me.
It’s just that I’m used to ticking off posts if either read or not going to read. Here it seems this is not that easy and I feel I’m missing new information as it is auto-marked “read”.
Than again, I might need to forget about reading everything, as I have other work to do. :wink:



I didn’t get the new posts reporting system… Now I’m back after a couple of hours and it there seemed to be nothing new but there was.

Earlier today the landing pages showed a lot of threads with new post block mingled with threads with none marked, while all of them had new posts.

It’s not helping me at all.


Ohh, and another topic I just created, already being showed on the list was reported by the “New topic. Click here” banner.

@sam, that seems to ba a bug

(Brian Gillespie) #6

I too have been seeing topics with new posts not show up “unread” for me. I have no Ida how to repro or describe the problem beyond that.

(Pascal Golay) #7

As far as I can tell it depends upon whether a topic is being ‘tracked’ or not. Topics not being tracked do not show up as unread. And, by default, a topic is only automatically tracked if you spend a certain amount of time with it- 4 minutes, but variable, as set in your preferences. Automatically tracking every topic is one of the settings available, but I am reluctant to set this, myself, unless some filtering by category is also available as the number is meaningless (for my purposes) if it applies to all of categories we have.