Stairs - End with riser

Hi there, is it possible to set stairs to end with a riser? Revit does this like so: image

This would especially be useful when doing floors in small spaces:

The wish of course being made so it’s cleaner than what is show.

At the moment the solution is creating the stairs with the height from top of slab to second top of slab and then subtracting one riser height and removing one step.

Further I find it really frustrating to do stairs with landings, Especially when trying to align the steps without jumping a step in the vertical direction. I find it really difficult to create steps like these:

Also a smaller gripe: I really hate the way the arrows looks. I much prefer a sharp corner instead of a curvy variant:

@rheinason I take all of your suggestions for the future VisualARQ developments, since these options are not available right now.

In this case, as a workaround you can create 2 stairs and one slab instad of an stair with a landing.

@fsalla Is there any update in sight for this issue. I cannot see an option to end with riser in the current version?

Hi @TomW, I regret to say there are no news about this feature. And it won’t be at least until VisualARQ 3. I’ll keep you posted.