How To: Stairs & Dimension and Riser Visual Indicator?




When creating stairs, in TOP PLAN View, I start to lose count of how many risers are needed before the next landing, especially when your dealing with customized stairs and not your typical stacked emergency stairwell.

I was hoping there was a visual cue that shows up when your actually drawing the stair, the overall dimension and the number of risers as a way to keep my work in check. Does Visual Arq already do this or is this something to be desired for, for the next release?


(Francesc Salla) #2

Hi @MetDesignLab the preview of the stairs while inserting them already shows the overall dimension according to the number of steps indicated in the insert dialog. And the number of steps and arrow only appears after the stair is created. We can consider showing the numbering and the arrow during the insertion preview of the stair in future versions.