Visualarq 2.12 stairs with landings


I saw that in older versions you could have more control on the creation of stairs, unless I’m mistaking. I’m trying to make stairs with landings (U stairs with larger landing or L stairs ), however even with editing the stairs rules, i can’t manage to create the stairs i want. Think visualarq should offer more control over creation of stairs ( riser height as well)… Does anyone know if there is a way creating a style with such “custom” landings? Or is the only way of doing it creating slabs separately ?

Hello @P_G,

Is this the stair you need to create?

You can do it by opening the Object Properties and selecting “Landing” in the middle stair flight:

stair.3dm (3.0 MB)

What version are you using? I’m up to date but dont seem to have the option :frowning:

Hi @P_G,

The panel you are showing is the “Style Properties” panel, but in order to have the option you are looking for you need to open the “Object Properties” panel, which you can access with the _vaProperties command.

You have information about how to create landings in stairs here: