Visualarq stairs


I am rebuilding a pretty large architectural project in VisualARQ. All the stairs in the project are planned to end below the landings (see the screenshot). Unfortunately, I am unable to create this kind of stair in VisualARQ from one component, so I have to construct them out of three stairs, which of course is not ideal.

If anyone has a trick how to make it work, I would be happy to hear. Otherwise, I would kindly ask to have this on a wishlist for the next release. It really is a very common way to construct stairs, which should be possible with the tool.

Of course we would also be very happy to see landings in spiral stairs and also the ability to construct stairs with a guide curve.

To draw concrete stairs I ended up having to draw linework in AutoCAD and then import it. Not as slow as it sounds and I could draw (correct) stairs faster than most can draw stairs in Revit. But having stairs that change height dynamically is important of course! And doesn’t really happen if the stairs are just extruded linework.

Hi @hitrec.denis, it’s not possible to have full control in U shape stairs where the steps end. Playing with the stair path control points might help you to get closer to the desired result, but it is not possible to get the last step riser of each flight aligned with the landing boundary. This is something we may improve in future versions.
The option to have landing in spiral stairs and create stairs from curves is also in our wish-list, so I’ll keep you posted whenever there are news on these features.