VisualARQ 2.0 Simple 180 degree balanced stairs fail

Hey guys,

I bought VisualARQ 2.0 few days ago. One of the things I was really looking forward was the stair creation feature.
Now I am running into big problems doing this. Not sure were I am going wrong.

As a visualiser on a project I need to retroengineer a simple balanced staircase with 180 degree turn.

You can see it in the attached 3DM file:

The blue line is the guide.
The plan view shows how the architect has drawn it.
The green model shows what I need to achieve.
The grey model is VA after the first turn.

VA does fine on a 90degree turn but does not allow the full 180 degrees.
This is really bugging me and as I purchased VA primarely to facilitate (speed up!!!) the modelling of stairs and roofs.

A 180degree stair is all to common. Please show me how this can be done.

Many thanks,

PrettyStairs.3dm (682.4 KB)

Hi @Prettypicturegirl You need to define more insert points when you create the stair, in order it makes a U turn.
Take into account that depending on the U turn separation you need to set a small Radius value into the stair style (Type tab). In addition, balanced stairs get sometimes a weird result when drawing the tread slab and riser slab. So you may need to do not draw them in order to get a proper result. Check out the gif below.

Awesome, and great idea to show it with the gif. Still the thread slab would be a nice addition in the future.

Hi @Prettypicturegirl,

You could enable the thread slab and the riser slab for any stair style:




Hi there,

came across this thread in search of balanced stairs parameters. I just can´t find the radius setting like shown in the gif. Did you ommit this parameter? I´m using the latest V2-Update 2.0.17 in german language. Hopefully you can help?

Kind regards & Happy New Year


Hi @Ante_Ljubas you can find that option in the stair styles dialog (vaStairStyles)
Best wishes!