SR8 and SR9 Rhinoscript plug-in fails to load

I started this topic by accidentally hijacking another thread, so I want to start fresh.

Starting with SR8, and continuing with SR9, I have to load the RhinoScript plug-in almost every time I open Rhino. I’ve saved it on my desktop so that I can easily drag and drop it into Rhino. Steve had suggested it might be blocked by AV software, but we allowed all Rhino plug-ins to pass. Still this happens. I would say I have about 1/2 dozen people that complained that certain functionality isn’t working, and I’m sure others just haven’t noticed yet.

I just want to get it back on the radar, because this is pretty annoying.



I have logged a YT item for this: RH-48905.

Hi @DanBayn,

This isn’t a problem that we’ve experience, nor one we hear of from other users (that I know of).

And since you can drag & drop RhinoScript and have it load, it’s doubtful there is anything wrong with the plug-in itself.

A couple of things to try:

1.) Repair your Rhino 6 installation (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Rhino 6 > Repair)

2.) Right-click on Rhino and pick “Run as administrator”. If RhinoScript isn’t load it and then close Rhino.

If these suggestions don’t help, then run Regedit.exe and export (as text files) the following registry keys and either post them here or send them to me.



– Dale

Hi @dale,

I did the repair. I had to load the Rhinoscript plug-in again, but so far it seems to be loading as it should when I restart Rhino. I’ll give it a few days and see how it goes. If it becomes a problem again I will move on to your other suggestions.

Thanks for the help,


So far so good. I’ve been in and out of Rhino at least 15 times today, and the Rhinoscript plug-in has loaded each time. I don’t want to call it solved yet, but it’s looking promising. I’ll give it the rest of the week to see if this issue is resolved.