Bug rhino 6SR8 on plug ins rvb

Hello every one,

recently i have update my rhino 6. but when i start him, a dialog box appear on my screen
with a strange message.
I realized than a plug-ins compiled with monkey didn’t load with this rhino version. for story, my rvb plug-ins execute at 100% with rhino6 SR6 :frowning: .

a colleague with rhino 6 sr7 as the identical problem.

we have imperativelly need of plug ins compiled with monkey.

best regards


@stevebaer - do you have an idea?

@SMC2 - what sdk are you compiling against?


Can you send me the plug-in? I’ll see what we can do to get this to work in SR8 again

hello, thanks for your response.

I have us only “monkey script compiler” https://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/monkeyforrhino4 on windows xp with rhino 4.
I suposed monkey didn’t “complie script” but crypt and zip all source code

but we use this plug-ins since 2014. on rhino 5 and rhino “6.6” but with rhino 6 SR7 or SR8 the plug-in didn’t load

I try tomorrow to send a plug-in with similar bug because my plugin is my secret source code.


Hi, I have testing 2 différent compilation with a new plug-ins.

the first compilation is withouth menu item and the plug-ing is loading on rhino 6 SR8
the 2nd compilation is with a menu item and the bug appears.



the plug -in bug is the “Testcompatibility_with_menu.rhp”
the zip file content the source code if you need .
this plug in is verry not secret but, him bug likewise than my plug-in than we use at work

best regard and good luck.

I see what is going on. We removed the menu function from our old Rhino_DotNet SDK a while ago and this is causing problems with loading your plug-in in V6. I have been adding some of this functionality back into Rhino 6 and think I can get this to work in the next service release.

Can you please send me your real compiled plug-in to steve@mcneel.com so I can make sure my changes will actually work?


I think I fixed this for SR9, but can’t be sure unless I have the old plug-in to test with.