Erroneous message about Rhinoscript plug-in not loading

In the last few days I have been getting the message below on one machine when starting Rhino for the first time:

But Rhinoscript is indeed loaded (and is working):


Version 6 SR14
(6.14.19078.12411, 19/03/2019)

Hi Mitch - was there a crash recently, like just before this started? Let me see if I can find out/remember where that info is coming from.

@JohnM - I seem to remember seeing something like this after a crash but only once, after responding No, it went away. Do you know where Rhino is getting this info from?


No, no crashes that I remember anyway…

@pascal I’m pretty sure it is stored in the plug-in section of the Windows registry.

Mitch, have you tried a Repair on that installation?