Load Script

I can´t load any Script into Rhino 6, a messege shows…“Unknown command: _LoadScript”. I need help.
Sorry, my english is too bad.

Hello - please look in Options > Plug-ins and look for RhinoScript - is that loaded and enabled?


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it is check , it is not load.

Hello - please try a right-click and choose ‘Load plug-in’ if that is available -


Any luck?


Hello - can you please run Help menu > System information and paste the results here?


Looks like you have the wrong version of the RhinoScript plug-in loaded (4.0.something).

You should drag&drop the RhinoScript.rhp from the Rhino 6 installation folder onto a running v6 to fix.

hi Nathan
I did what you said, but it did not work.

I might try updating to the latest service release and see if that doesn’t fix the problem…

The one from C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins failed? You may want to update to the latest SR.

Are you running anti-virus software? I believe that the RhinoScript plug-in sometimes is improperly flagged. This may be the case in this situation.

Click the Check Now... link.

Also, the latest is here:



when i press the check now… nothing happens
I red another chat, and pascal said…“Probably the quickest way out is simply to download the latest and Uninstall/Install and see if that sorts it out.”
I will try

it works perfect
thank to you all
make my week
Saludos totales