Sporph Missing Input Geometries

I have been having issues with using Sporph. Some of the input geometries do not appear mapped to the output surface.

I’m trying to map a group of curves from a flat surface to a curved surface. The ultimate goal is to be able to create walls with apertures punched out in the shape of these curves.

Input curves:

Input surface (with input curves in red):

Output geometry and output surface:

Why are there only two curve modules in the output, where there were four in the input?

Here’s a reduced version of my Grasshopper file:
20221114 - Malfunctioning Sporph.gh (53.1 KB)

If anyone could help me answer this question, it would be greatly appreciated!

I also realize that this might not even be the best way to go about punching this pattern into a curved wall… if anyone has any advice about how to do this, that would also be very appreciated!

20221114 - Malfunctioning Sporph_re.gh (54.0 KB)

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That worked. Thank you!