Mapping curve to surface Error, PLEASE HELP (31.0 KB) HI, Please if anyone can Help its urgent! Im trying repeatedly to map this pattern to the surface and it’s not working, I really am not sure what Im missing, any help would be GREAT at the moment!

Thank you!|attachment (31.0 KB) (29.0 KB)

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OMG thank u so much!!! thats perfect!! I know now what I was doing now, sorry I always have problem with surface mapping I guess i need to understand the concept better! thank you again!!

Hi again, can I please ask for one more favor? I need to convert the mapped curves to meshes, can you please help me with that as well? Thank you so much for your time!

I don’t understand what you mean. If it’s what I’ve guessed, why don’t you create mesh pattern first and map them onto your target surface later on? (58.6 KB)

This is what I was trying to solve all day, I wanted to create inflated pattern from the mapped patterns, However I had to have them as meshes to be able to do so. I tried using Wb here, but I am not so happy with the result, the inflation is more pointy than circular (35.2 KB)

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i don’t have this marked plugin, what is this?

That is Sporph components right? I can’t find a way to download the component, I use rhino 5, do I have to download a newer version of it or I can find Sporph as a separate plugin

Thank u again!!

You can use jackalope plugin’s Sporph for R5.