Sporph problem

Hei iam having wall with different structures as a polyline. In the picture below u can see the base surface.

iam having problem in using sporph, it doesnt keep the geometry same size. Eventhough theTarget surface is same size (see below photo).

My aim from Sporph is that i can straigthen the wall into straight line for creating dimensional drawings.

Rigid option in sporph also destroys the whole structure.

Thanks for help

People can’t help you without Rhino and GH files

TEST.3dm (16.4 MB) TEST.gh (15.2 KB)

Heres the files :slight_smile:

I opened your files but something missing in gh files and you need to simplify rhino file

TEST.gh (896.1 KB) TEST.3dm (16.4 MB)

i tried to make Gh file simpler and also in rhino i removed unused tools. Hopefully now it works for u