Split box into triangular parts

hello everyone am working on a structure that I will put its image down below its like splitting a box into triangular parts where and what I want is to control the angle of the splitting planes, the volume of the triangular parts that I got after the splitting and their number. so is there any help because I can’t find a way to make it happened even it looks simple.

Yes, it looks simple. What have you tried so far?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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hello @Joseph_Oster this is what am working on
split box into triangular parts.gh (8.8 KB)

So you have nothing. Not so simple then, eh? The tricky part is “50%, 62.5% and 75%” but you haven’t got the simple part yet (50%). Can you see why SrfSplit fails in this case?


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dear @Joseph_Oster the srfsplit is not fully working because the curves are not touching the plane contour

dear @Joseph_Oster
i fixed the srfsplit by making the curves touch the plane contour
split box into triangular parts-1.gh (7.5 KB)

split box into triangular parts Edited V0.gh (19.9 KB)

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But it’s “simple”! :rofl:

split_square_2023Dec23a.gh (15.8 KB)

P.S. I’ve found erroneous results, not sure why yet…

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split box into triangular parts Edited V1.gh (26.1 KB)

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I like this one. It behaves the way I expect. Simple? If you say so. :sweat_smile:

split_square_2023Dec23b.gh (20.1 KB)

P.S. Your examples show % removed instead of % left, as my version ‘b’ does. If you want the opposite, switch the ‘0’ and ‘1’ inputs on Stream Filter (green group).

P.P.S. Align Plane before Circle appears to be unnecessary?

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Dear @Joseph_Oster I want them both the green and the white structure geometry’s and then I change the % of each one by changing the angles and also, I would like to change the structure into symmetric geometry like I the pics is there any helpful modification!

-so, your work is amazing what I am working on now is to able to change the % in one configuration let’s say the configuration with 8 triangles how I can change the % of theme with saving their number that the first thing

-the second is to make the tringles symmetric

Go for it! I’m done and don’t understand that anyway.

You said this was simple?

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@Joseph_Oster thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it.

i said it looks simple but its clearly not

It’s more difficult when you “move the goal posts” due to the initial description being incomplete.

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split_square_2023Dec23c.gh (18.1 KB)

I didn’t try to follow your revised spec, just used what I already had.

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a bit late to the party but I though you wanted same area (volume) for each odd part and same area (volume) for uneven part
With @Joseph_Oster solution I don’t see equal area. But I could be mistaken?

In order to use Grasshopper as an equation solver the idea is to divide the square in a lot of little triangles and calculate their area. So at the end you could have an equation of the angle as a function of the area (green curve)

The you calculate the area you want, draw a line an calculate the intersection. The Y value is the angle.

Then I reuse Joseph tool to orient the parts

split_square_LD.gh (32.8 KB)

And that could work for different cake design


Oh, wow :exclamation: Yeah, I can see how that is a logical interpretation and I might have seen it that way myself at some point. Re-reading the original description though, I don’t see where @Mr.Ralf said that? Impressive solution though!

This is a feeble effort “to change the structure into symmetric geometry”, but it’s a tedious manual process, not automatic. And it works only when the ‘Divs’ slider is an even number (of course?).

split_square_2023Dec23d.gh (26.0 KB)


Yes @Joseph_Oster the description was not super clear if it was the angles or the volume (area as the only picture was from something flat!).

Whatever it is interesting to see your definition and the way you solve different problems. At the end I think @Mr.Ralf will have things to study.


Thank you all for your great work and invaluable help, I really appreciate it and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in my question, I’m new here and I will work on clarifying my questions next time
I have continued been working on what I want and have figured out a way to divide the box symmetrically, so now what I need to do is finish the file by measuring the volume as shown in the pictures below, if anyone can help, I would appreciate it

devided box.gh (14.9 KB)