Split Surface

Hello, I am trying to replicate a geometry I downloaded! I want to split/trim the upper surface/plane above the loft into smaller segments as seen in the green one! If you observe carefully the triangles are perfectly aligned along with the loft! You can bake the Brep(Replicate this) at the end of the script to get an idea of what I want to explain! Thanks in advance!

Split Srf.gh (128.6 KB)

I guess you mean somenthing like that:

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Thank you so much for answering! You are near but not the exact! The surface must split in square modules!

A is the surface made by me and B is what I want to achieve! So how can I go from A to B.
As seen in B, the surface is split in such a way that it matches the split surfaces from the loft! I want those perfect triangles on the edge of the loft!

Split Srf RE_1.gh (179.4 KB)

Please somebody help me with these! :pensive:

I think this is something that would be much easier to handle in Rhino, doing it by hand

Not sure what you want to achieve but this is how to extract the matching surfaces

Re_Split Srf.gh (131.2 KB)

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Spent a fair amount of time fiddling with this yesterday - used it as a learning exercise.

Merged the triangles that run up the corners of the funnel and between the funnel and the flat top part.

Split_Srf_re_210707a.gh (42.8 KB)


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Thank you so much @kev.r , I am so much happy with your inputs! It really means a lot! Looking forward to more such in nearby future. Take care. :blush: