Splite box into pyramid parts

Hey everyone,

I’m working on splitting a box into various shapes like pyramids using a Grasshopper script. However, I’m having trouble controlling the volume fraction of each part. Can someone help me figure out what’s wrong with my script or suggest a simpler approach?


splited box geometrys.gh (67.0 KB)

a simpler method
box_to_pyramids.gh (21.8 KB)

you’ll find two methods
the second (larger) one corresponds more closely to your illustration

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Hi @adel.albloushi , your work is truly impressive, and your simplification of the script is remarkable. Thank you immensely for your dedication. However, what I still require is the ability to control the dimensions of certain parts. I aim to ensure that all parts have uniform dimensions and maintain control over their size, whether individually or collectively. In the figure below, each color represents parts that should share the same dimensions. Thank you!"

it sh

it should be easily done, by ensuring the contour insertion point and distance are properly setup with relation to the gap size

to have control over each contour, simply move it however you want in its direction