Split & Boolean failed

Hi @Pascal, in attached V5 file, boolean subtraction of the polysurface from the surface failed, as well as splitting the surface with the Polysurface. I found no reason so tried in V4 where it worked. Maybe this is a bug.

SplitBoolBug.3dm (284.3 KB)


Thanks, Clement, I’ll check it. To troubleshoot these the best is to
Intersect the objects and see what the resulting curves (if any) look
like… that will usually indicate where the problem lies- intersector
problem or surface problem like gaps or incomplete intersections.
I’ll take a look.

Clement, for now, ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the closed object to make Intersect come up with a clean curve, but this looks buggy to me- thanks for sending it in.


thanks, i did not investigate that far, it`s originating from our lab. Btw, the untrimmed faces do not look so bad, strange.