Boolean split failed



I’m trying to split the two facade surfaces as they are going to have different materiality, but the boolean split isn’t working properly, neither is trim.

Could someone explain what I am doing wrong?


bolean split.3dm (600.6 KB)

(Jakob Normand) #2

Hi @Natasha_Paul

Take a look at your tolerances, units and the size of your objects - the scene is in meters and the tolerance is .01 - and your main object is more or less only as long as your tolerance, making most commands fail.

Either scale your objects or change units.

HTH, Jakob


Hi @Normand,

I think I’ve changed it correctly but its still not working. Sorry, I’m fairly new to rhino! bolean split.3dm (588.5 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Natasha - just use plain old Split here I think.



Thanks, its working now :slight_smile: