Boolean Split/difference Troble

I spent all day trying to Boolean Split, but I failed
I tried to SelbadObject and Check tolerence, but I couldn’t find out what’s wrong
I’ve tried to boolean Split, difference, Union but it never worked out at all
I want to booleansplit polysurface by surface.
In this case, polysurface is simple things, create new polysurfece is solution. but I want to solve this problem

What am I missing to have this run to completion? I Upload the attachment together
Boolean Failed.3dm (417.4 KB)

Your polysurfaces look closed, but if you look in Properties, it says they are open. Two of them have one pair of naked edges, one of them has two pairs. I am not sure how they got that way, but you can fix them by using the following procedure on each one:


Once you do that the _BooleanSplit with the large surface will work.