Cannot split object or use boolean difference

i am trying to accomplish this but with no luck, can anyone tell me what’s going on? usually split works if boolean fails with the two objects i have in the model, where they touch is where i want to cut off to leave a recess almost.SPLIT.3dm (1.2 MB)

somehow your big object isnt a closed polysurface.
Use showedges to find your problem.

If you can close the polysurface. it will work

That is true jordy1989 but where the naked edges are it seems to not be correctable, how can i also go about this?

I’m not good at repairing stuff like this ^^ anyone else can help? got tips?

Hi Mitviz- there is a little skinny surface that probably should not be there:

You can find this with ExtractSrf. I’d re make this thing without that little surface. (there is one on the opposite side as well) Your cutter is also unnecessarily complex.

To get rid of the two little naked edges, use testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops.


Thanks pascal, that helped alot but i changed my approach after thinking about what you said, i have another issue though, after doing a boolean or split i get a transparent surface, i cant seem to find out what that is, the object is a close polysurface but stil i cant find what is the problem, here is apart of the model, just do a split on the open surface with the solid model and see for yourselfsurfaces.3dm (745.1 KB)

I see a couple of problems 0

  1. The cutting plane is exactly on the edges separating the straight bit from the rest - this is not ideal for Boolean operations, and it may make more sense to just ExtractSrf all the straight bits and Cap the remainder BUT…

  2. The cutting plane is placed so that the roundy bits end exactly on it - that is, there is zero thickness there. I guess you need to decide what you want there.


Aha Pascal, i see, all i needed to do was make a tiny shift to get it how i wanted, i didn’t know such a thing would cause that problem. Thanks a million!!