Boolean Split Failure

Can anyone tell me why the Boolean split fails on this polysurface?

Boolean Split Fail.3dm

I don’t know either why but rebuilding the surface it works.

Found the culprit surface from the polysurface, as all the others will split except for this one. But still don’t know why it won’t work.

Split Fail-01.3dm

I don’t know why it doesn’t works, but I found one solution to split your object, in case you still need it.

  1. Make Extractwireframe of the cutting object to use the original curve of it and create a closed curve.

  2. Extrude the closed curve (Solid = yes)

  3. Mesh Boolean split

Sorry, I just tried it again and if you use the command Mesh Boolean Split in your attached file it works well. You don’t need to do my previous suggestion.

Thanks. I will look at that option.

I’ve logged the bug in BooleanSplit. Thanks for the report.

Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates