Split between points

Hello Rhino forum, newbie here.

I have a grid of intersecting lines, with points at the intersections. Some lines span multiple points or/and end between points, some lines overlap.

What I want to achieve is single line segments between the points. How do I do that? Coming from the Sketchup world, my intuition is that lines should just behave like this. :wink:


Simply select the line segment to split, enter the Split command, select the points to split it with, and hit Enter.

That seems weird to me. A line segment is just that and a point is a point. If you have a polyline that’s a structure composed of more than one line segment.


Thank you, that works. Even though it’ probably not quite what I should do.

The grid should serve as construction lines for a hammer. I am not interested in all the lines, only in a few intersections or line segments.

I don’t see why you need that grid to reconstruct this hammer geometry.

no they should not, also my intuition tells me that you dont have a licence :wink:

you have a snap option doing exactly that, you dont need any further end points at each segment, if you really want to define a grid before you start drawing up further curves you can also use AddGuide to prepare guides (kind of infinity lines) which will disappear when you end that command and reappear when in a constructive command like line polyline point etc. you may not see them well for this you might want to hide the grid first.

comparing tools from rhino with sketchup is not generally a good idea, even though some tools are popular that they may get introduced but working with a different application it often makes more sense to investigate different ways of working which will benefit your understanding how to approach something.

as @diff-arch says below

i concur with this, though it may be tempting to lay out a grid to simply fill in your geometry but in the end that may just be double the work with no benefit.

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  1. :grimacing:

  2. That’s right, the construction grid is unnecessary. The file associated with the exercise even provides one. But the exercise also says I should be an extra diligent student and build my own construction grid, I tried that and found it didn’t quite work the way I’d like

What you write about the snap and guide lines makes sense. As part of this exercise, I discovered guides, but I didn’t like them because they disappear when I exit the command. Therfore it’s interesting that you point out that the guides reappear when I type in a command like polyline. I’ll give them a 2nd chance.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

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there have been some wishes to make them toggle, here i found the tracker for it RH-39959 and two relevant topics discussing enhancements below. @wim @pascal maybe the tracker has to be updated? it is written version 6 and future. i would also love to see a toggle, would probably start using guides then.

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