Tips on how to emulate the following Sketchup workflow in Rhino

Basically a two-step process once I have the box drawn: Step one is to draw two intersecting lines. Step two is to use Sketchup’s ‘move’ command in the center to pull the intersection down from what basically behaves as a single control point.

What I draft will be a little more complex but really not much harder to achieve compared to this simple example. Basically I just need a way to create new edges and control points within already-created surfaces (maybe I should be mesh modelling??). I can already do this if I create the surfaces separately and join them afterwards, but that’s a little slow.

remember that sketchup is a mesh modeler, you can do the exact same thing in Rhino with a mesh box

Hi Keith -

You can use the SplitFace command to split that top face into 4 surfaces and then just pull the center point.

I did not know that!! It ‘feels’ more like a surface modeler especially when compared to Rhino’s powerful meshing tools.

I came to post because I was having a little trouble actually selecting the vertex. But tried it again just now and success. It’s all a matter of getting used to the interface.

Thanks very much for all your help!