_Divide - Between points

(i’m on mac but this probably applies to rhino in general)

a real loose idea that might not be very good if i thought about it some more :wink:

on occasion, i need to divide one side of a rectangle… (for example, stud layout for a framed wall).

when i run Divide, it selects the entire perimeter of the of the rectangle… so i have to cancel the command then draw a line then divide the line then delete it… if i could use a Between Points(?) option in the command, i could avoid the whole line thing and just click point A & B i’d like to divide between.

or, maybe a better way would be the ability to sub-object select one side of a rectangle then when i run divide, only that selected side will be payed attention.


Hi Jeff - this is how V6/WIP works now.



oh. sweet!

can you also sub object select while the command is running or is it preselect only?

Hi Jeff - pre or post select seems to work.


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good thinking @team

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… Still I keep thinking that having the ability to choose curve ‘segments’ on the fly would be useful, I often happen to miss that.
I mean being able to pick start and end point of the desired sub-curve,
without needing to edit a curve or an edge that we need to keep as they are, or to duplicate, trim, then delete … etc.

I’m thinking about a general option, to be used, when needed, on any curve input, not just for Divide, obviously … :slight_smile:

Just my 2€cents


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Hi Emilio -


does that get at what you are suggesting?


Hi Pascal

Yes, exactly ! :slight_smile:

Thank you