Spiral Diagrid Canopy based on Force Field Interaction

Hi all,

I’m trying to define a system that generates a diagrid canopy structure which resembles a force field (still stuck in 2D).

Each node should have a point charge and a spin force so that the final outcome is 3 sets of curves:
1. Field lines spinning CCW
2. Field lines spinning CW (create diamond shapes)
3. Equipotential ‘ring-like’ closed curves that divide the diamonds into triangles.

I’ve managed to get this far (Just field lines at this stage. Every node should become a column later on):

Things got a little complicated for me when I tried to get the field lines to work in the other direction.
I’m getting nice curves locally but the farther I go from the nodes it becomes messy:

I’ve been looking at force fields described by Maxwell (https://www.equipes.lps.u-psud.fr/Montambaux/histoire-physique/Maxwell-1.pdf) attached is an image from page 554:

Also, I found some great resources/tutorials that I think could be relevant to my problem but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it all work together.

  1. Maybe I could achieve the same result with noise?
    Describe this force field type pattern please

  2. Grid Magnetic Lines:

  3. Vector Field Tools in GH:

  4. Daniel Piker’s Rheotomic surfaces post:

  1. FlowL Plugin (been trying to avoid plugins at this stage):

  2. A relatively simple 2 node setup:

Any help would be much appreciated!


2020-11-15_force field.gh (36.4 KB)