Need advice on creating Magnetic Field type of geometry

Hello everyone,

I’m to make something like in the image below, out of points or lines (or maybe even some geometry hmm):

I assume this type of thing is made by Forces/Fields, but I only managed to do simpler things (which you can mostly find on online tutorials), this seems like advanced stuff.
Obviously I do not ask for someone to write me a definition of this, but if anyone has an idea or short description how to achieve something like this I would be most grateful, so I can explore it and figure it out myself.

Thanks in advance!

like what?
showing us could help illustrate the ‘routes’ you are taking! :slight_smile:

The image you show, however, provides some hint, while it also opens up a can of worms interpretation-wise for the curious-yet-ignorant like me…


what is it?

Search youtube for grasshopper field tutorial, here’s an example of a result

Thanks for answering!

like what?
showing us could help illustrate the ‘routes’ you are taking! :slight_smile:

This is the closest thing I managed to come up with lol, it sucks.

what is it?

Iron fillings, made this way by magnetic field.

Thank you for replying.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help me much. I’ve probably watched every YouTube video trying to find anything that is reminiscent of this with no success.