Magnetic FIelds Affect Geometry

Hello guys! Could anyone help me or just guide me how can I achieve something like this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Coker-0ne,

check these sites :

there are a lot of tutorials about fields and other stuff. great resources!


Bumaye Thank you for your interest. The truth is that I have already checked most of them but they have to do with curves mostly. I was wondering, for example, how I could use the spin force field in order to move objects or transform their shape. In other words instead of creating curves based on a spin field if it is possible to create vectors who affect a shape based on a spin force.

Thank you again!

The images seems to be from there !

Yes but unfortunately there is no script or info about the process…

There is a description so I try to make something
Is something like that useful for you ?

Yes Laurent…Thank you for your time…It could be a nice start to experiment a little…

Here a little script derived from magnetic field from paragroup ( idea is simple use magnetic field to generate some direction and rotate curves depending on distance (could be magnetic force)

Disable the render to play with the script.



Amazing Laurent…Thank you very much!!!