Something is still sooo broken with V6 saving files to a network

Saving a 300Mb file to the desktop takes a couple of seconds. Saving it to the network server… took over 5 minutes. And - I had 2-3 Rhino V5’s running at the time, tried to close them (without saving) while V6 was saving the other file - no can do, got an uncancellable “server busy” message, and then they were hung until after V6 finished saving.

Note this message is from V5, not V6.

Really not good.

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Hi Mitch - thanks. I’m passing the message along.


I will do a timed test tomorrow with saving the same file in V5, in V6, plus a simple upload of the file from my desktop to the same location on the network server as a speed check…

OK, here are the results (same 298 Mb file as above):

Simple upload of file from desktop to folder on server (for reference) 28 seconds
(average speed of about 85 megabits/second, or 10.5 Mb/second. We don’t have a Gb network connection)

V5 Save to desktop: 13 seconds
V6 Save to desktop: 3.5 seconds!

V5 save to folder on server: 1 minute 13 seconds
V6 save to folder on server: 3 minutes 55 seconds

V6 is 3x slower saving to our network
V6 is 4x faster saving to my local hard drive…

File available for McNeel if you want it, let me know, I will send a download link…


I just installed rhino_en-us_6.7.18199.22081
Same issue. I can save quickly to my desktop, but saving to our company server is about 5 minutes for a 345MB file.
Has anyone found a fix or work-around?