Saving extremely slow in V6

In addition to some of the other problems occurring with saving -

Working on a 160Mb single mesh file, I noticed it was taking a very long time to save. So I created a V5 copy of the file, and checked:

Saving the file in V5 took 27 seconds
Saving the file in V6 took 90 seconds.

Both files saved to the desktop, no special folders.
V6 version (6.0.17351.16331, 17-12-17) (daily build loaded this morning)

Copying the file to the clipboard also took a heck of a long time.

Other funny thing -
The V6 file registers as around 158 Mb on the desktop.
The V5 version registers as around 325Mb for the same object.
Audit3dmFile confirms the sizes (and the difference) in the object table

So, don’t know what’s going on here with the file size difference, but that seems to mean that V6 is not just 3x slower, but actually 6x slower at saving than V5… :confounded:


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Hi Mitch - does What tell you it’s a double-precision mesh in both Rhinos?


I can confirm that.
Saving ca. 100MB to SSD disc takes >10 sec.

Hi Piotr - is your file a mesh as well?


Another question; are you guys running these tests by saving to directories monitored by file sync apps like dropbox? If so, do the timings change if you save to a directory that is not monitored?

Yes, a big chunk of it and quite complex one.

As stated in the first post, in my case, it’s to the desktop…

I didn’t check in V5, yes in V6. But the V5 file is twice the size of the V6 file and it still saves 3x faster…

Direct save to C:/,

Sorry, I didn’t realize that the desktop wasn’t a location where sync apps could monitor. I assumed that it was possible

Well it’s not in my case anyway - at least not that I know of… maybe big brother is watching though… :eyes:

Note that the desktop could be a networked location (common in educational institutions, and no doubt in larger coorporate environments)

Which is true in my case.

Nope, my desktop is all my own… as far as I know anyway…

If I were to guess this could be due to (partial) compression or an optimized serialization that should be reflected in gpu CPU use.


Checked now, yes, in both Rhinos.

Now did some double-check tests just to make sure, created a new folder directly on C: drive on both my work machine and my own personal laptop - neither is networked or synced.

Work machine results - identical to saving on the desktop
V5: 30 seconds
V6: 1 minute 33 seconds

V5: 23 seconds
V6: 1 minute 27 seconds

The two Betas are slightly different, as I have dailies enabled on my work machine and only the weeklies on my laptop, but looks like that doesn’t really change anything.

I am uploading the two files to tech (your name) just in case you want to test on your own.


Don’t understand this - you’re saying the GPU is also being used as a processor in the save operation?


doh! CPU sorry Typo


huge file with some mesh inside, 300mb take some minutes to save.


Nothing news there? No one experience slow save in big files?