Offset Surface REALLY slow

Hi all,

I havve been using rhino for a while and one problem i keep on facing in rhino 6 is that offsetting surfaces (solid) is really slow.
If I offset the surface both sides as a solid i can offset 15,000 surfaces in a second
the second i decide to offset the surface to one side (as a solid), the same amount of surfaces can take more than 15 minutes to offset!

I always face thsi problem when modelling facades and was never able to find a workaround.

any ideas?

Can you post an example? (587.9 KB)

Hi Helvetosaur
find a set of srfcs attached

Hi Ralph - so… any one of these surfaces is slow to offset, on its own, for you?


not on its own ,

if you select all the surfaces and offset them as solids both ways the operation lets say takes 2 seconds
if you do the same operation but on one direction its takes more than 50 times the time it would have taken to do the “both sides” operation.


I get a large difference between offset to one side (slow) and offsetting to both sides (fast) with Ralph’s example.

Added: It is not obvious why the seemingly more complex operation should be much faster.

I agree, it seems like it wants to be the opposite , i panel alot of buildings and i always face this same issue
anyone from mcneel reading this ??
plus: does anyone feel that rhino 6 takes way longer to save a file than rhino 5?

To a network server? Yes, at least in my case it was.

Hi Ralph, all - I see this discrepancy - thanks for the report.