Rhino slow saving

Hello - are you saving to a cloud-synced folder like DropBox or GoogleDrive?


Hi Pascal. Saving to HD.

Hello - what if you save to the desktop - is that the same?


1 min 29 secs . No changes made though as I just opened the file to save to the desktop. Still seems like a long time to watch an hourglass maybe?


I also have exactly the same problem. I have to save my Rhino file locally on my PC and then copy/paste the file to the server. That’s really not super efficient but i couldn’t fix the problem otherwise. Any idea?



We use VRay 3.6 plugin - I thought maybe it was related (looking for textures). I haven’t found a work-around. Others having same issue:

Hello - do you see any difference if you disable VRay and restart Rhino?


Hello - yes, it seems long, and I can confirm a save of 1GB is also very long here - much longer than what you indicate, in fact. I’ll see what I can find out.


Thanks Pascal. Keep us posted.

I disabled VRay and restarted Rhino, but no difference.

So far, I am not hearing, here, that this is unexpectedly long for a 1GB ish file.


Seems a bit long to me.

As a test I just saved a 1.5Gb file to my D: drive - a standard mechanical disk, not an SSD - and it took45 seconds in V6. Where I saved it is not referenced by Dropbox.

As a reference, I tested it in V5 as well. Two minutes.

That coincides with my previous experience, that V6 was faster than V5 saving locally. I was having problems saving to the network, in that V6 was 3x slower IIRC. However, I am no longer connected to that network to test now…

Hi Mitch - thanks for testing - what you report is more like what I’d expect as well - but here it is as slow or slower than reported by @hayden. Still poking…

FWIW, just to get an idea, I saved from Another Software, a file of about 310 MB and it took at least as long, here, as Rhino saving the 1GB file. So I wonder if it has to do with specific machines, since @Helvetosaur 's save was so much quicker.


You used Another Software??? :scream:

Nothing really special about this one, 5 years old, something like Gen 4 i7, the disk is a Western digital 7200 rpm SATA 6Gb and according to the mfr. it can write up to 600Mbs… so theoretically at least, it could allow a save of 1.5Gb in 20 seconds…

Hi Mitch - thanks - it looks like there is some ‘stuff’ to look into on my system - perhaps others on this thread as well. Getting some more testing here.

@Helvetosaur, @hayden - at the moment it seems to be file related - not the size but something else in the file. Some very large files save just fine.


Hmm, didn’t someone report once that meshes saved slower or something?

Yes very possibly - the thing we’re finding here, fooling around all afternoon is that it’s more than just mesh or not mesh - some meshes are a lot slower than others - basic geometry being the same. Something else, right now unknown, is throwing sand in the gears.


@hayden, @deurton, Do your files contain a large number of meshes? Say from SketchUp, maybe?


Hey Pascal - ran into what I think is the same problem on a project that I’m working on currently. Saves went from being a 3-5 minute affair to 40+ minutes (file is 700+ MB). After some searching, I found a mesh that was showing degenerate n-gons and thought that it might be the culprit. I culled degenerate faces from the mesh in question and saves returned to their 3-5 minute length.

I was fortunate in that I had an idea of which specific objects in my file could be problematic. If there was a way to select objects with degenerate n-gons (presuming that’s in fact the issue), it might help to troubleshoot problematic files.


Hi - thanks for that additional information!
Do you still have the mesh with degenerate n-gons? If so, could you post it?
Also, was that mesh created by Rhino or was it imported from another source?

Hey Wim - see attached file here. I believe that the mesh was created in SketchUp.
DegenerateN-GonMesh.3dm (3.5 MB)

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