Some geometry is missing after upload to ShapeDiver

Greetings, I need help figuring out why this doesn’t show the full geometry on ShapeDiver. I’ve tried using meshes, low vertices, glTF, flatten branches…here are screenshots and the attached .gh file

I downloaded the glTF file from the ShapeDiver component within grasshopper, it looked like this on an online viewer, which is how I expected it to show on ShapeDiver: (29.2 KB)

Thank you for the detailed description of the problem, our viewer developer is back on monday and will look at the issue then.

You uploaded the file to a Rhino 6 system, while you are likely working locally on Rhino 7. In rhino 6, the definition you posted also shows missing panels. Please make sure the definition works as expected in Rhino 6, or upgrade to one of the accounts that lets you use Rhino 7 on ShapeDiver.

Thanks for this, I thought I could avoid testing on Rhino 6 by using basic components and the ‘downgrade’ function of Pancake.

As it turns out, Rhino 7 does a some built-in conveniences that Rhino 6 doesn’t. In this case, I needed to actually input a plane here: