Geometry Not Displaying in Shapediver - Can't Export


Having trouble with some geometry that is not being displayed… In Grasshopper / Rhino is is working fine and rendering as normal but within ShapeDiver, the geometry is not rendered - only for ONE of three settings (number slider 0…2 / 0 and 1 work fine, 2 does not work in ShapeDiver). Using Rhino 7.

Also, nothing exports as it should. Met with “Sorry, no data to be exported for these parameter settings”

Working through a colleagues trial account - antoinejeraj


Hi Dominic,

Have you followed the steps in this video tutorial?

Also, I’m assuming you did switch your account to Rhino 7 in the settings menu, correct?


Yes I have gone through most of the YouTube tutorials and yes I am set to Rhino 7 Settings.

I cannot find any errors in my grasshopper files that would lead to this issue… Again the rest of the geometry renders fine but the last ’ style ’ choice I have available - input 2 - does not render. It works fine in Rhino / Grasshopper.

Dominic, understood. Could you please post a minimal GH version of your file here so our devs can review this?

Possible to email the definition to someone on your team?

I am unable to upload grasshopper files to the public due to IP issues, unfortunately.

Hi Dominic, sure, I’ll contact you directly.

Dominic, your GH file is failing because there is currently a problem with the Parakeet plugin, and it creates issues on our servers. Please find an alternative way to recreate that part of your definition. Sorry for this inconvenience.