Parts of geometry not visible (SD display component)

Hi again,

Currently I’m working on the last issue I have with my model before launching it.

In rhino7/grasshopper, my preview looks like this:

It’s simple x and y lines multiplied with an array in Z-direction, which then connect to the SD Display Component:


However, as you can see in my iFrame here: .ifc Grid Maker (free)
, this exact .gh graph starts skipping lines when I put the ‘Levels’ (= z-array) parameter to anything higher than say 7-ish…

I did check the ‘checklist before uploading’ this time, but I can’t seem to solve this for weeks now.

Do you have any ideas on what might cause this?

Best, Thomas

This is likely happening because you are sending a tree of objects using the legacy ShapeDiver Display components. In this component, all branches of a tree result in separate assets, and the number of assets is limited to 64 per legacy Display component.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Flatten the tree before sending it to the legacy Display component. Unless you want to separately access each line using the viewer API, there is no reason to send a tree.
  • Replace the legacy Display component with a glTF 2.0 Display component, where all the geometry is always combined in a single asset (one glTF 2.0 file).

Let me know if any of the solutions above solve your issue.

It absolutely did after flattening the tree, thank you.
I also changed to gITF 2.0 Display now as per your advice. I wasn’t aware yet the other was legacy.

Best, Thomas