Some components doesn´t appear in kangaroo

I have the latest version of kangaroo (ver. 2.42) but many of the tutorials i´ve seen worked with for example PHYSICS of kangaroo which i don´t have on this newest version.

I have checked the installation which is not hard to install (just copy the .gha file to the components folder) also i´ve tried to install past versions of kangaroo but still i don´t get the PHYSICS solver and the only i´ve got it´s doubled the components.

I would like to know what to do?

The main project which i´ve been working on it has to be with mesh relaxation, i´ve tried with only the solver of kangaroo which it´s differet the workflow of the tutorial i´ve seen and i´m not having the same results that´s why this question.

I share the tutorials i tried to follow

Mesh Relaxation

The components you are looking for are in the earlier version of Kangaroo, food4rhino has the earlier version as well. Take a look at it.

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In food4rhino the ones that start with 0 like 0.99 are K1, this is where the Physics is. However I’d advice to use K2 (versions that start with 2 like 2.42 that you have) which is much better.
K1 uses forces for the solver and K2 uses goal objects.
Most of the components are present in both, sometime with different names like ‘spring force for K1’->‘length goal for K2’ etc. The force/goal objects are not interchangeable. Which means you can’t hook K1 forces into K2 solver and vice versa with K2 goals. But the utility components can be used interchangeably like “mesh corners”, “remove duplicate lines” etc.

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