Kangaroo Physics 0.099: parts do not exist

I’ve tried downloading the Kangaroo Physics 0.099 version, but only part of it seems to be downloading to my grasshopper panel. Under the Kangaroo tab I only have mesh with one option and utility with a few options, but by the looks of it not all of them. I am using Rhino 4.0 with windows 8. Am i missing a part of the download somewhere? I have unblock every file.

I’m pretty certain Kangaroo Physics 0.099 is for Rhino 5 so many things might not be compatible with Rhino 4 which is over 10 years old. Screenshots would help to know what’s missing.

Here is a screenshot from the list. I will get Rhino 6 in a vew weeks, but I need Kangaroo now for my university.

It seems you’ve only installed the utilities. What folder did you put all the kangaroo install files in?

Maybe download Eval? :thinking:
@simonegigler Download Evaluation Rhino 6

edit …And maybe Not2019-12-27_13-52-01

I open in Grasshopper - File - Special Folders - Components Folder an put there the files Kangaroo0099.gha, KangarooLib0099.dll, Plankton.dll and PlanktonGh.dll and all the Files from UserObjects in the folder Grasshopper - File - special Folders - User Object Folder.

I´m sorry, I have 8.1, this should be work. I try the eval Version, thanks for the hint.

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Good Luck :+1:

Yes, with the trial version of Rhino 6 Kangaroo works, thanks a lot @ all :slight_smile:

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