How to add Kangaroo 1, if I already have Kangaroo 2 for Rhino 6 Mac?

Hi guys!

I’m working with the Rhino 6 version and have the Kangaroo 2 built-in GH. I was wondering if it would be possible to install Kangaroo 1 so I’ll have both versions together? :thinking:

I went on this site, but «Kangaroo Physics 0.099» is not available for Mac.

The reason I want that, is because I’m trying to follow a tutorial and there is some components missing in the 2nd version. (ex. QuadDivide, SpringsFromMesh, Kangaroo Physics Engine…)

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi child, :rofl:

It is, or at least it was possible in Rhino 5, but it may not be necessary.
You see, this is a pitfall for pretty much everybody that starts learning Kangaroo.
Most tutorials are for versions predating version 2, and many of the components have been changed or renamed in the latter. This doesn’t mean that you need to install version 0.99 though!
Kangaroo 2 does everything that previous versions could and I imagine even more.

Could you post the link to the tutorial, so we see what we are dealing with here?

Here are some suggestions for new components that have replaced legacy ones:

  • QuadDivide -> Refine (Mesh tab in Kangaroo2)
  • SpringsFromMesh -> EdgeLengths (Goals-Mesh tab in Kangaroo2) or Length(Line) (Goals-Lin tab in Kangaroo2)
  • Kangaroo Physics Engine -> Solver (Main tab in Kangaroo2)

May the force be with you.


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Haha! I understand, thanks a lot for the explanation!

At least I know it’s normal not finding everything/not under the same name.

The issue I have is with the Solver, as in in the video down here, there is no «AnchorPoints» input…

But the thing is, It might not even be the most straightforward way to what I want to design. In fact, I would like to make the model of an inflatable Blump (see photo)

The more logical way would be to make something like this, but I can’t find the entire definition:

I have the exact position and depth of every points of depression, so that’s why I though I could start with a basic geometry of the pod in Rhino, transform it into mesh and then inflate it while holding the depression points by anchors?

Sorry for deviating from my main thread, but any idea how this might work?

Thanks again!

In Kangaroo 2, you have a component called Anchor, which gets connected to the GoalObjects input of the Solver, as do any goals. There’s no dedicated input for anchor points anymore.

Check this out! :slight_smile:

2020-03-20 20-51-04.2020-03-20 20_54_22

It’s pretty straightforward to achieve.

No worries, here’s the file: (17.4 KB)

And as always with Kangaroo, make sure not to strafe too far away from the origin, and use a clean, equally divided quad or tri mesh for the simulation!


Wow this is just amazing! :star_struck: Thank you so much!!

And I guess I could simply replace the «Domain Box» by a «Mesh» I set from Rhino?

First time trying to run a simulation, right now it’s paused and when I LMB+click and select «Recompute» then nothing happens. How should I play the inflation? :balloon:


You just have to set the Toggle, connected to the On input of the Solver to True. No recomputation needed here!

Yay it works, pretty simple!

Again, that helps me immensely, really appreciate it! :pray:

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Hi everyone,
I am using Kangaroo 2 with RhinoWIP version. And I found that a main component is missing from Kangaroo 2. It is because I am trying to follow a tutorial from online. How can I finish this scripting on Kangaroo 2 (the attached photo)?

Hi @u3577664, welcome to the forum.

Please ignore the old tutorial. That old version of Kangaroo is no longer developed, and not compatible with the current version, so I do not recommend learning it.
The same thing can be done in Kangaroo2 as well as many things not possible in the old version.
Here is the equivalent of what is in your screenshot (the timer component is no longer needed): (14.2 KB)
and you can find many more examples here:

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Dear Daniel,
Thanks a lot for your help. I tried your scripting and finish the form on plan. However, supposed if I move some point up (Z axis), the tent structure will also go up by following some points (please see the attached photo).

Sorry for the bother because I just learn grasshopper.