Grasshopper kangaroo

Hi, I started using rhino6 with grasshopper inbuilt plugin. i cant find the default kangaroo physics plugin but i have downloaded the kangaroo2. how do i get kangaroo physics ?

thanks in advance

Hi @abdulilaah.crs222,
Kangaroo2 comes included with the Grasshopper included in Rhino now. So you shouldn’t need to install anything.

If you have to open old files made with Kangaroo 0.099, you can still install the old version from Food4Rhino like before alongside Kangaroo2, but for making any new definitions, please do use Kangaroo2.


Get old versions from here.


okey…thank you :v:

This is good to know! I didn’t see any announcement about this (maybe I just missed it), but just tried to do a fresh install of rhino and was very puzzled when it already had Kangaroo. I like the idea of GH coming with some plugins; I would include Mesh+, Human, Paneling Tools and Pufferfish too, if it were up to me.