Kangaroo components not in Kangaroo2

Hi, I’m trying to follow the attached tutorial to create an inflation effect but I cannot follow since some of the components like the spring ones are not on Kangaroo2 and I don’t know how to replicate their effects.

This is the tutorial, thanks.

Just download Kangaroo Physics 0.099.

Check this K2 implementation as well.

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It really does help, thank you!

I’m having a similar issue with missing components. The “Pave Random” component in Peacock requires the three following Kangaroo components:


But it also says these are in Kangaroo Components v1.000. The Kangaroo project on food4rhino doesn’t have a v1.000. Where would I get these components? Since it’s a dependency for another GH plugin, it’s not something that can just be rebuilt with a different implementation.

Hi @edelmetal
I think what it needs is v0.099 which was the last release before Kangaroo 2.0


@DanielPiker thanks for the quick response–exciting to hear from the dev! Does that mean I have to uninstall Kangaroo 2, or can v0.099 and v2.0 run in GH at the same time?

No need to uninstall 2. Both can run together

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YES!!! That did it. Thank you so much.