Generate boxes between two curves

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to have boxes between two specific curves. In the picture below, I was able to have the boxes to follow the first curve in the bottom, but I wasn’t able to make them follow the upper curve.


Can you post your files?
Do you need your boxes to be of fixed size? You might end up with gaps or overlaps based on the 2 curves (generally in the case when lofting the curves create doubly curved surface).

Sorry, I don’t have access to the files right now. For now I’m trying to loft the two curves with one box size, but after solving this problem I will see how can I make different boxes sizes.

@Adam89 It will be harder to loft with “one size” box without gaps or overlaps. Not when the loft is doubly curved

Yes you are right, I would have ether gaps or overlap between the boxes. My problem is that the boxes would only follow the bottom curve only. The upper curve becomes random curve, not the one I wanted. Do you have any idea how can I loft the boxes between the two curves I have already drew in rhino?

If you post the GH file, then I can look into it and see how to help.

Sorry, I wasn’t having access to the files. I have attached the files now, the blue curve is the one I want it to be lofted with the bottom curve.


boxes (10.4 KB)
boxes loft.3dm (59.4 KB)

Hi, sorry it took a bit of time to review your files. See if the answer below is what you need. Of course you have the overlapping boxes.