Joining surfaces

Hi guys,
I’m a beginner in the grasshopper
How to turn these panels into the original surface before DivideDomain² / isotrim

surfaces surface original
surface.3dm (676.0 KB)

Surface (276.0 KB)


Try this

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This solution is not very accurate because the original surface cannot be matched just by its outer edges. It will work well when the original surface has been built with the Edge Surface component.

Yes you are right ; i was thinking to find other solutions with points or network curves

Wow, EdgesDir is a new one on me. Really simplifies this one. Thanks for that tip.

Your midpoint component looks suspiciously like Evaluate Curve (same inputs and outputs), not the same as the R6 Curve Middle (MidPt), which is redundant to the old Point On Curve.

FYI, here’s where I was going after wasting too much time with Sort Points which doesn’t seem to work anymore in R6? :frowning: (282.3 KB)


It’s the same in R5 - useless. I thought it worked at one time but… this is just awful. :man_facepalming: (270.2 KB)

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Exactly, that is Evaluate Curve component i just made an user object to make my life easier. I prefere it more than Point On Curve.

You are assuming that the points in the XY plane form columns and rows with the same coordinate value (same X for columns, same Y for rows), but that is not the case. That slight differences mean that the component, working as it should, does not return what you expect.

Ah, so. Thank you.

This need TT Toolbox sort curves (25.0 KB)

Another solution: