Inclination with bounding box

Hey folks, i need some help with this…
I am trying to crate this object with multiple pieces that fit in each other, i did something similiar before, but the pieces was in horizontal or vertical axes, so i used the boundng box to create the cuts in the intersections. But in this case the pieces have inclination, so the bounding boxes do not follow the shapes i need. is there any way to fix it??

you probably need to post a gh example file…

if you’re using actual “bounding boxes” you could specify an orientation plane for each one - perhaps the plane of each rib per row of boxes, or find the closest point from each box to the surface it follows and grab a plane for orienting your bounding boxes.

If you’re after an egg-crate structure for intersecting shapes that aren’t oriented to traditional X Y (in your case, radiating grid) then you’re better off using the surface to surface intersection to generate your notches normal to the surface.


just cheat with pipes (diameter = rib thickness) and thicken surfaces at the end?

notchcheat.ghx (277.8 KB)


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Wow, thank you so much!!!

Im defnetly cheating hahaha

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You can use Region slits and Pufferfish offset surface (12.0 KB)


Try this

@seghierkhaled have you tried it with R6? I don’t think the .rhp works…not even r5 I think…the .gha yes

{edit} plus, fyi bowerbird needs a mesh to waffle it. Without it it’s worthless unless you have closed polylines to intersect and get notches from…

OP is not using polylines

Did you try it?

oh cool! I guess mine didn’t work for whatever reason!

Did you try it with parts that are not oriented flat (XY) but rather radially (angled)?

Like this:

Just curious

I always use Region slits; i think it’s better

sure but have you tried with angled parts:

very debatable! CASE: complicated parts:

I make waffles for a living…
but maybe I don’t know how to use regionslits correctly :thinking:

if it don’t give you the right result try to move the bottom parts to z axis a little bit
but if the plugin can do that without problem i prefer use the one give me the right and the fast result