Box stepped but I would like them to align with my surface

Basically noted in the title.
Just need help with my script, my bricks are appearing stepped and I would like them to align with my topography as much as possible.

Please post your script and a sketch or Rhino file showing the expected result.


assign - 2 - (25.9 KB)
assign - 2 - working.3dm (1.1 MB)

Please find attached script

I added a box and split the surface so you’re dealing with less boxes in a first phase… You can use the full surface later but I think at the moment it just slows everything down. I also moved your attractor points so all three are on the smaller of the two split surfaces.

You’re creating two sets of planes and only one of the two sets is aligned normal to the surface.

I don’t understand what the expected result is supposed to look like.

Please illustrate what you want to achieve.

assign - 2 - (307.1 KB)

First, I would like to say thank you. Amazing that you are able to help.
Thank you for making it run faster too, I am going through the motions.

I would like the ‘bricks’ to align to the topography plane? so its ‘smoother’ - right now they step one above the other. Typically this is achieved by srfclosespoint + evalsrf, but since,
since I want the rows to be staggered which you show and I want those rows to be dictated by the contours of the topography I am not sure how to work backwards on this. I like how the contours in my original script dictated how the bricks were placed and spaced.

Here are some sketches, including how I am trying to achieve the benches. Ignore the brick type pattern drawn in my image ‘sketch’ I was playing with texture.

Ok, the surface frames are perpendicular to the surface.


That means the boxes are also oriented perpendicular to the surface.


I am definitely working through it all! It has been a process.

assign (20.8 KB)

So I think I have mostly figured it out - just the benches are trouble some