[Solved] Print dialog preview and print result are not working in RH05


From some time until today I was having a very annoying bug in RH05: everytime I try to print something from layouts or model viewports the preview doesn’t show anything and the print result is a white page (it doesn’t matter what printer I choose).

I’ve jumped over the problem using RH06 WIP for printing, because exactly the same files opened in RH06 show preview and print perfectly.

Any clue about what could be happening?

P.S.: RH05 is updated to the last SR.

And the Audit command result:

Audit Summary:
  Table tally:
    27 layers
    27 instance definitions
    3 dimension styles
    2 fonts
    8 linetypes
    1 rendering materials
  Object tally:
    3531 normal objects
    0 locked objects
    32 hidden objects
    1 deleted objects (in undo buffer)
    1232 block definition objects 
    0 reference normal objects
    0 reference locked objects
    0 reference hidden objects
    0 reference block definition objects 
  No errors.

Thanks in advance.


I notice from your screenshot that you have quite a few plug-ins installed. Try disabling these, restart rhino, and see if that makes a difference with respect to printing.

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We got no luck :frowning: Third-party plugins disabled, windows restarted, and still nothing in the preview window, neither in the printed file.

I double checked and there are no clipping planes in the model (I was cheking if RH6 have some kind of incompatibility with them and it made the trick letting see what was behind a possible forgotten clipping plane).

Hi Angel,

Some shots in the dark:

Can you print in RasterMode?
What Displaymode is the Detail in; might it be in technical Displaymode?
Can you print when the Detail is in Wireframe mode?


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Already checked since first post. Detail view is set in wireframe mode, RasterMode makes no difference…:frowning: And what is worrying me is that with no modifications in the file (and it’s not related with the file…it happens with default templates just opened), RH6 print it/them with any problem.

Thanks for the hints :wink:

I don’t understand this comment

Sorry, my English butchering in action.

Something worries me. What? That it looks like the bug is not related to the file (it happens every time I try to print, even with just opened Rhino templates), so perhaps, it’s going to be more complicated to solve…(just guessing).

If you create a new model and draw a line, do you get a print preview?

No, it doesn’t print or show any preview.

Just to make sure I understand (I know this may sound redundant)…

You can’t print any model in Rhino 5?


Wow. Even in safe mode?

Another shot in the dark;

Set your wireframe display mode to default.

Can you print from a regular viewport (not a layout)

We got something. In safe mode with no plugin loaded it shows the preview and it tries to print (it gets stuck in the process, I suppose because it doesn’t have the plugins loaded.

Nope, even setting the wireframe display mode to default and printing from a “model” view.

Try the following:

  • start in normal mode
  • disable every plug-in except the RDK and Toolbars
  • restart Rhino
  • try to print a circle

Does this make a difference? I want to rule out any plug-in involvement.

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Nope. It doesn’t make any difference.

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Try this:

  • close Rhino
  • start regedit and delete the Print key shown in the following screenshot. See the path to the key at the bottom of the screenshot. Make sure to delete the key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNee;\5.0x64\Scheme: Defaults\Print
  • restart Rhino and try to print

This key holds on to settings used the last time the print command was run. When no settings key exists, Rhino will use default settings. Maybe there is some setting that was somehow corrupted and causing the problem


Hi @stevebaer!

You nailed it! Thanks for making my path to get my thesis done a little bit easier :blush:

I’m going to take note about these “default values registry keys” because it looks like a good way to reset some errors or rhino misbehaviours.

Anyway, any idea about what produced this registry key corruption? I only remember uninstalling OpenOffice (which broke my github app because an overwritten *dll) and installing MS Office.

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Great to hear that fixed the issue. This is the first I’ve heard of this happening so I’m not sure what caused the settings corruption.