SOLVED: License Problems: "currently in use", Cannot revoke, Rhino 7

@mcneelsoftware I’m locked out :confused:

I was using Rhino on my laptop this weekend, but it’s currently turned off and stowed. Now I’m at the office and can’t get work done…

Both PCs are up to date (Windows) and have latest Rhino 7 service release.

Is there a way to boot other users of the license? I’ve run into this problem before when I’m using my laptop in the field and I forgot to close Rhino at the office.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi @senorvalenz, there’s no way to remotely “boot” devices that are using one of the seats in a team. The machine “SV-THINKPAD” has an active connection to our servers (within the last five minutes) – are you sure it was completely turned off?

For IT people that have users with poor shared license habits, I’ve been suggesting setting up the ability for a Remote Desktop connection on these remote systems, so you as IT can reach in and do what you need to do.

Thanks for the thoughts folks…

The laptop is closed, zipped in a case, and stored in a drawer at home. AFAIK, rhino was closed properly. It’s possible it’s awake and doing nefarious things, wouldn’t be the first time.

SOLUTION: Kyle @ Seattle Tech support was able to solve this one for me: remove licenses from Team Licenses, add back as Personal License. Rhino 6 first, then 7. Thanks Kyle!

Might not work for people who more heavily utilize the team functionality. Ability to boot would be nice.

My experience is the Cloud Zoo can deal with situations when I need to log in on one machine and the other machine was left on or turned off withouth logging out of Rhino. But I have only one licence and am the only user.